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Organic Liquid Fertilizer Aloe Vera Based

AloveBali specialize in High Quality Liquid Organic Aloe Vera Fertilizer that is grown from volcanic rich soil in tropical Bali. This specialist Organic Fertilizer (also referred to as Compost) has the perfect synergy of Aloe Vera, Seaweed and natural ingredients. This product has complete nutrients, plant growth regulators, vitamins, humic acid and enriched bio-fertilizer. Perfect for Sustainable Agriculture.

The unique formula consists of 80% Organic Aloe Vera which provides the glyconutrients and Polysaccerides /acemannan that are necessary for superior plant intelligence. Plants know what they want and so they respond positively with a happier growth to provide better yields and more nutritious crops. Additionally the Aloe Vera is a natural pesticide and herbicide. (No Aloe Plantations are ever bothered by any type of pest)

Our product is a real solution to the damage that the earth has endured from hash chemical fertilizers that are being used by many farmers and agriculture. Our mother earth is very proud of AloveBali's mission and vision to replenish her soil so she can once again flourish with an abundance of nutritious food. These yields will therefore nourish and revitalize all people on our magnificent planet. Our promise as an environmentally conscious company is that every one Wins. We win only when the Earth and the People win.