Best Bali Surfing Spots for Professionals Surfers

All of us know that Bali surfing spots are ranging. It is because this beautiful island in Indonesia has so many great beaches which have the different waves character.

Bali is a heaven for the travellers who love surfing. The beaches there are spectacular with their tropical view and some of them have the “wild” waves at the same time.

That is why; this island is so famous among surfers from all over the world. The beaches can accommodate various needs, started from the beginner up to professionals.

Besides choosing the right spots, make sure that you prepare the proper equipments. However, don’t worry since many rentals and surfing schools are available.

Bali Surfing Spots for Professional

Someone who has mastered the skills in surfing usually wants to find the challenging spot. It means that he may want to get the stronger and higher waves.

Thank’s God because some Bali surfing spots are great for that. Take your notes and below are the lists of those spots:

  1. Uluwatu

The Uluwatu area, which is located in the south of Bali, is also a mainstay of surfers. This is because a number of beaches in Uluwatu have waves that are ideal for surfing.

With classic regional type, the height of the waves on a number of beaches in the Uluwatu area can reach 5 to 8 meters. No wonder many surfers spend time in this area.

You need to walk down the stairs through the local settlements and cafes before arriving at the beach. Suluban is a rocky yet beautiful coral beach with a very incredible sunset view.

These Bali surfing spots have five famous waves commonly called The Peak, Bombie, Temple, Racetracks and The Outside Corner. All these places are break-left with variation sections that change according to the size.

This spot is recommended only for experienced surfers. The bottom of the sea consists of very sharp rock. The best time to surf is in the dry season, usually between May and September each yea.

  1. Kuta

It seems that almost everyone who have vacations to Bali must have taken the time to relax here. Being one of the best Indonesian tourist destinations in the world makes Kuta Beach never empty of visitors.

It is especially by those who like to hunt for waves. Yes, its high streams are the main attraction. There are various Bali surfing spots that can be explored here.

Each of the places has different levels of difficulty and challenges. There are spots for beginners and there are also some where the professional surfers can go.

Kuta is an area with a left & right break. That is why; it is suitable for any shape or size of board you want! The seabed is sand, with medium to high tides.

  1. Secret ketewel beach

Compared to other beaches in Bali, Secret Ketewel is arguably still very natural because there are not many tourists visiting here. For this reason, visitors who come here can immediately feel the shady and soothing sound of the waves crashing.

The typical streams at this one of the best Bali surfing spots are big enough that they are suitable as a great location. Well, if you want to surf here, come from December to April.

It is because at that time the wind direction will blow against the waves. Secret Ketewel has 10 surfing spots found along the beach.

These are including the Coconut Beach, Pica Point, Little Nias, Biaung (secret point), Temple Point, Second Secret, and Secret Tewel.

  1. Dreamland

As the name implies, this one of the Bali surfing spots is indeed a dream for tourists. The beautiful panorama of the sea is mesmerizing.

It is accompanied by the sound of crashing waves clashing with the coral cliffs makes it look even more exotic. The beach, which is located in Pecatu Village, Badung Regency, is also in great demand by surfers.

The loudness of the rumbling sound of the waves seemed to arouse the passion of the surfers to conquer it immediately. In addition to being a surfing location, this place is also often used as a filming and shooting set.

  1. Bali Cliff

Kuta and Sanur are maybe more popular than Bali cliff. However, you may not doubt about it’s beauty because the scenery there is spectacular.

Bali Cliff presents an amazingly beautiful panorama of the beach. The blue sea water that washes away the white beach sand is an interesting thing that tourists can enjoy.

The waves in Bali cliff are quite large as if to provide a challenging signal for tourists. The stream type on this one of the Bali surfing spots is a regional classic with a high enough height.

That is why; this place can be used as a hidden ‘paradise’ for surfers. You should visit it to get the best adventure ever.

  1. Canggu

The name Canggu Beach must be familiar enough. ach it is one if the Bali surfing spots which was once used as the location of an international surfing match.

In 2004, on this place, the Indonesia Surfing Championship event was held. The existence of this event certainly proves that the waves at Canggu Beach are very challenging.

The height of that reach 4 to 5 meters seems to test the adrenaline of surfers to conquer them immediately. The most famous location there is Echo Beach.

It is a stretch of black sand beach popular among the world’s surfers. It has an incredible variety of waves in a small area, perfect for mid-level surfers, but it is also popular with visiting professionals and local ones.

The Best Bali Surfing Spots Conclusion

Based on the information above, we have made several important points that you can note about these Bali surfing spots. Here are some of those points:

The west side beaches of the island of Bali and the Bukit peninsula are the best places to surf during the dry season, with large waves stopping in Bali. Destinations with more friendly streams can be found in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak

Mean while, the high waves can be found around Canggu and Kuta Reef Left Barrel. Other areas with phenomenal water rolls can also be found in Bingin, Padang Padang, and Uluwatu

During the rainy season, the sea level subside slightly and the wind changes direction, making the east coast a better choice. Keramas and Nusa Dua can be the best Bali surfing spots in October to April.