Best Destinations for Surfing in Bali that You should Visit

Doing surfing in Bali is an activity that you have to try. It is especially if you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches owned by this amazing island.

Bali is a heaven for marine lovers. It is not only having the spectacular views, but also great waves that become a target of the world-class surfers.

The good thing is that it is not only for Profesional, but also beginners. The only thing to do is knowing all the destinations and choose one that is suitable with your ability.

Besides that, you don’t have to always bring your own surfing tools. It is because many rental services are available in Bali. The short or long term course is also available.

Beaches for Surfing in Bali

Best Destinations for Surfing in Bali that You should Visit

Bali has a lot of that have the different characteristics. Some of them have strong waves which are recommended for professionals. Meanwhile, the rests have the calm ones or not too strong.

These characteristics are more suitable for beginners. So, below are the lists of beaches that you can visit for surfing in Bali:

  1. Kuta

Kuta is maybe the most popular beach in this island. It is located at the heart of Bali so that it will be easier for people to find other accommodations that they may need.

Those are like restaurants, hotels, guesthouse, Villa, bar, and so on. The sands in this destination is shining like a gold, so it is not the type of white sand beach.

However, the views are still epic, especially for it’s sunset. The waves are suitable for all types of surfers; beginners or professional.

The best peak loved by people is Halfway Kuta because the waves are longer to break down than the other parts. You should visit this place when you are coming to Bali.

  1. Medewi

Medewi is also recommended for surfing in Bali. It is located in the north of Kuta or 3 hours long if you drive by car. It is an exotic destination with its black sand.

The characteristic of it is the long waves. You can feel it for up to 30 seconds long. That is why; it is so comfortable and fun for surgfing and it is bigger than Kuta too.

However, Medewi is still a good area to learn surfing. If you are a beginner, you can ask a Profesional to train you about the techniques and everything.

  1. Balangan

Balangan is a white sandy beach that is also located near Kuta. It always becomes a destination for all types of surfers; from beginner up to Profesional.

The waves there are actually more recommended for the middle-term surfers. The stream there is quite huge and it also has some sharp corals. Surfing in Bali, especially in Balangan is a must-thing to do.

However, when the sea water is receeding, beginners can surf there. Besides that, Balangan also has a beautiful tropical view that you and your family can enjoy.

  1. Green Bowl

Surfing in Bali is a fun activity that you should try. It is also a different way to enjoy a beach better than before. One of the recommended location is Green bowl.

It is known as a marine destination that has a string stream. That is why; Green Bowl is so popular among the well-experienced surfers, but make sure to be more careful.

It is because the rope that breaks off from a surfboard can get you dragged by the waves. So make sure to complete yourself with proper equipment and accompanied by other too.

This beach can also be a recommendation for those of you who are looking for a beautiful view with a little crowd. The location is far enough to make this beach not so crowded with visitors.

  1. Padang – Padang Beach

Padang – Padang is well-known, especially among the surfers. That is why; this beach is usually used as the location of several famous events such as Rip curl.

This is a surfing competition where so many surfers from all over the world always take place on this contest. Surfing in Bali will be not completed if you don’t visit Padang – Padang.

It is a great idea to visit this beach together with your friends and families. There are many spots of photography to have or just chilling above the white sand.

  1. Surf & Turf Nusa Dua

Playing or learning to surf does not have to be in the sea to find waves, but it can also be done in a playground. One of the locations for surfing in Bali can be done at Surf & Turf Nusa Dua.

The location is in The Bay, ITDC area, Nusa Dua, Bali. At Surf & Turf Nusa Dua there are surf rider rides that can be used to learn the technique.

Visitors who will learn to play surfboards will be guided by the expertinstructors on how to ride on a board. This tool is unique because this ride is designed similar to the waves in the sea.

  1. Keramas Beach

Keramas Beach is suitable for those of you who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is also recommended for those of you who may still want to learn to surf.

Keramas is located in the Gianyar area and classified as a surfing place in Bali which is still quuet. Surfing in Bali, especially in this beach can be done calmly and comfortably.

To arrive at this surf location, you can use a private vehicle. Usually, it only takes about 45 minutes from the direction of Denpasar.

Prepare the Equipment Properly

Based on the places for surfing in Bali above, you can choose the one based on your considerations. The example is their distance to your hotel, characteristic of the wave, etc.

However, visiting more than one destinations is also a great idea. You can get the different atmospher and experience. The important thing is that always prepare yourself and your equipment properly.

If you are a beginner, joining a short training or accompanied by Profesional is recommended. You will get the right information about everything such as the techniques and more.

Check your equipment first and make sure it is not broken. Always complete yourself with proper tools and equipments while surfing in Bali.