Best Surfing in Bali Locations which Have Spectacular View

Where is the best surfing in Bali? To answer this question, you have to look at several subjects such as your liking, condition, and many more again.

One thing for sure is that Bali is an island that has a lot of beautiful beaches. These beaches spread from every corner of this island and they have the different characters.

A location may has the calm waves which is great for beginners. However, the others may have the strong waves which can be challenging for professionals to Surf there.

If you are a beginner or a pro, there are some best surfing in Bali locations that will be shared here. Don’t forget to prepare all of your items, especially for surfing.

Best Surfing In Bali With Amazing View

Beginner must be more selective to choose a location for surfing. It must be safe enough, but still able to train their ability. Accompanied by an expert is also recommended.

Bali has some great beaches that have the perfect waves with great views. Below are the lists of that destination:


Balian becomes the best surfing in Bali because of some reasons. This destination is maybe not so popular among the locals, but really famous among the Australian visitors.

Besides that, Balian is maybe not as famous as Kuta, but it is a right place if you want to feel the serenity and calmness. In more detail, it is located in Tabanan, Bali.

From Kuta, you must drive for 1,5 hours. The unique aspect of Balian is it’s black sand. It also has a River estuary namely Balian.

The waves there are quite strong and high. It is always consistent every year and that is why; it is a best surfing in Bali location, especially for well-experienced surfers.

  1. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dual beach is famous whether for foreigners or locals. It is located in North Kuta, or in a more detail is in Nusa Dual street Badung. The view there is mesmerizing.

You can chill and lay in it’s white sand area. Besides that, the waves are also consistent and the height can reach up to 6 feet high. However, you should remember this point.

There isn’t any safety guard in Nusa Dual. That is why; don’t surf alone there, especially if you are a beginner. Come with your friend or you can find other locations which is more recommended for a beginner surfer.

  1. Batu Bolong

This Batu Bolong beach is considered as one of the best surfing in Bali. Batu Bolong means a stone with hole and it is located in Canghih Village, North Kuta, Basing.

This surfing spot is really recommended for newbie and can be your second option after Kuta. Batu Bolong has a slow wave stream and the height is not far different from Kuta.

There is a different between these beaches. BATU Bolong has the brown white sand while Kuta has the white sand overlay. However, the view of these places are amazing.

  1. Medewi

Medewi is located in Jembrana, Bali where it can be found easily through the map. This beach has the black sand area with many stones there.

It is also the best surfing in Bali because Medewi has the crystal clear sea water. Besides that, the village or rural area there is still natural. You can explore the real life of Balinese people.

That is why; a lot of tourists said that Medewi is really suitable for surfing in this island, especially at the west part. The waves are strong and also long.

The height of those waves are quite similar to Kuta, but they are bigger. However, these are smaller than Balian. This beach is great for surfing, but not for sunbathing.

Why? The weather there is so hot and not that comfortable for sunbathing. You may want to apply your sunblock cream to avoid sunburn there.

  1. Impossible

Impossible beach is for sure having a unique name, right? That name isn’t only a saying because it is really impossible for a beginner surfer to surf there.

Impossible beach can give the best surfing in Bali experience for the professionals because the waves are high, quick, long, and come in several layers.

The height can reach 5 feet more, so that you have to understand the basic skills and techniques for surfing. There is a unique thing because Impossible beach is located in the middle of Padang-Padang.

If you want to visit this area, be ready to give more efforts. The location is quite difficult to reach because it is located behind the cliffs. The terrain is also challenging.

However, once you got there, everything will be paid off. This destination is beautiful with the contrast colors of the sea, sky, and green trees around.

  1. Padang – Padang

Padang Padang has two different areas for surfing. Those are the baby / right Padang which is good for beginner and the Left Padang for the expert surfers.

This best surfing in Bali location, especially the left part, has the huge waves. These are bigger and longer from the Keramas beach. The stream is also really quick and rolling.

However, don’t worry since Padang Padang has the life guards. They are well-trained, especially about how to safe somebody. So don’t be shy to ask for their helps when you need it.

Padang Padang is located near the. Impossible beach. It is still in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung. The access is quite easy to reach.

Come at the Right Time

Besides knowing the best surfing in Bali information, you should aware of the weather too. Come at the right time will be better and can give you the memorable experience.

The rainy season generally falls between November and April. In this season the days can be very humid and wet. Temperatures are usually between 26 up to 35 degree Celsius.

Besides that, it usually rains every day for at least a few hours. While the dry season usually lasts from May to October when the days are usually sunny and temperatures range between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius.

It’s the perfect time to visit there and do all the outdoor activities. You can visit the best surfing in Bali location at that time because the weather is so good.