Favorite Activities in Canggu Bali done by Indonesian Tourists

Canggu Bali is getting famous right now besides some other popular names such as Kuta and Ubud. It is actually a village which is located in the area of North Kuta.

Most areas of this village consist of rice fields and coasts. At the beginning, Canggu was less popular than other places in Bali, especially as a tourism destination.

As time goes by, the tourism there is developed and made Seminal really famous. That is why; Canggu was becoming well known as well since it is located near Seminyak.

Surfing was the most popular activity in that time. Most people who come yo Canggu Bali are the foreigners who love to surf. They came to the beaches near there for a vacation.

The Accommodations and Tourism Facilities

Canggu Bali

Slowly but sure, the accommodations and tourism facilities grow rapidly in that area. Those are like cafes, hotels, private villas, and more. That is why; Indonesian tourists are interested to visit there.

When you are looking for an alternative location To stay, Canggu Bali and It’s Private Villa can be an interesting option. Restaurants and hotels are easy to find in that area too

The great thing is that you can also feel the rural areas there. It is because the villages are still natural where people can see the locals do their daily activities.

Favorite Activities in Canggu Bali

For the vacation activities, Indonesian tourists prefer to choose several marine activities such as watersport in Tanjung Benoa or rafting in Telaga Waja Karangasem.

However, if you stay in Canggu and want to know what kind of activities which are done by the Indonesian tourists, here are the answers:

  1. Chilling in a Beach and Waiting for the Sunset

Several beautiful beached can be found easily there. Most of them have the black sand overlay. Those beaches are like Batu Bolong, Berawa, and Echo (Batu Mejan).

So, what is the best beach in Canggu Bali to witness the sunset? All beaches there are suitable to watch Sunset. It is because there beach line faces the southwest direction.

However, the most crowded ones are Echo beach and Berawa. Berawa is located beside the Finns Club and there are some great spots there to chill.

You can enjoy the vibe by sitting in their bean bag. The best thing to do is enjoying your cool drink while waiting for the amazing sunset.

  1. Finns Recreation Club

It is one of the recreation areas which is always visited by Indonesian tourists. It is especially those who are having a family vacation with their kids.

At Finns, you will see the huge size swimming pool, water slide, tennis court, gym, restaurant, bar, up to bowling arena. There are some packages that you may choose.

To use the whole facilities available in it’s club in Canggu Bali, you have to order the “super fun pass” package. The cost is IDR 600,000 for adult and IDR 480,000 for 3-12 years old kids.

The “splash Day Pass” package is also available if visitors want to use all facilities in the splash water. You can ask the staffs there about every packages which are available.

  1. Explore the Rice field area

Exploring the rice field area around peaceful village is also a favorite activity done by many Indonesian tourists. The specific place to visit is Seseh Road that goes to the Minggu beach.

You will see the unique rice field terrace in that area Where it is almost the same like in Tegalang Ubud. It is more beautiful when the rice plants are getting higher with Their yellowish color.

The best transportation to see that rice field terrace view is by riding a motorcycle in the morning or afternoon. If you like cycling, rent a bicycle is also a great idea to try.

You will be able to explore the villages in Canggu Bali And see how the local people live. Most of them are really friendly. That is why; you can greet them when you see them around.

  1. Hangout in the Old Man

This area develops really quick where you can find so many accommodations that offer the affordable prices. Besides that, a lot of cool places are also available where you can hang out there until midnight.

One of them is the Old Man Bar Canggu Bali. It is located near BATU Bolong beach. Many Indonesians love This place because live DJ MUSI and live band are available.

This can be a great time to spend your time while having a vacation in this island. To get a different experience, try to hang out in the evening or at night.

That will give you another experience because the night life in Bali is also amazing. Do it with your families or friends to make everything is more fun that before.

  1. Go to the Finn’s Beach Club

A favorite holiday activity that Indonesian tourists love during their honeymoon in Canggu Bali is a vacation to Finn’s Beach Club. It is one of the most famous beach clubs therei.

The location is on Jalan Pantai Berawa And can be found easily through the Google map. What kinds of activities that you and your couple can do there?

Honeymoon couples at Finn’s Beach Club usually enjoy the holidays by sitting back, swimming and enjoying food and drinks until sunset. When the sunset comes, the nuance will be more romantic.

Instagrammable Places in Canggu Bali

Besides the lists above, some of you may like to find the beautiful spots or area to take a picture. That could be a great content for social media needs.

There are so many places like that in Bali such as Penny Lane, La Brisa, Love Anchor, and so on. One thing to note is that Canggu has been developed really well than ten years ago.

It brings the “new face” to give you more great vacation experiences there. You can see more buildings there and it is quite crowded too. However, you still be able to get the natural rural vibe there.

So, you have to put it on your list and prepare everything from now. Canggu Bali will for sure become one of the best destinations that you have ever visited in that island.