Flights to Bali and All Information You Need to Know

Knowing all information about flights to Bali is essential, especially for those who want to visit this beautiful island. The tourism there is now getting better after pandemic.

It can be seen from some “Paths” which are re-opened again by the Indonesia’s Government. Besides that, the requirements to enter this island of gods are also easier.

You don’t have to do a quarantine, free VISA policy and Visa on Arrival, etc. Tourists are really happy with this announcement and the amount of their visit to Bali is increasing.

Flight or air journey is one of the most important ways to visit this Island. I Gusti Ngurah Rai is the name of international airport in Bali. It becomes the gate of many flights to Bali.

Regular International Flights to Bali

Flights to Bali

One of the most information that you should know is about the regular international schedule. Until March 2022, there are eight different routes for international regular flight.

Those are to and from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport which has been activated again. Those eight routes are Melbourne, Singapore, Sidney, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Istanbul, Doha, and Perth.

The lists are maybe more right now since pandemic is getting lower and handled better. You can ask the airport customer service staffs about those lists.

The airlines that serve regular international flights to Bali are as many as 10 airlines. Those are the Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Scoot, KLM, Jetstar, AirAsia, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines.

Australia is the country with the most cities connected to Bali, which is as many as three cities. Their geographical location can be a reason of why the Australian people love to visit Indonesia.

Updated Requirements after the Pandemic

Since the Pandemic, several requirements are changed. Now, this problem can be handled really well and everything is back to normal again, included the flights.

Related to flights to Bali, there is an official released shared by the legal parties of Indonesia. One of them is shared by I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in their official website.

On July 2022, they announced that vaccination is one of the requirements to do a domestic journey from and to Bali. It is said that Passengers who have just taken the vaccine 1 and 2 must run a PCR test first.

Passengers must show their negative result of that RT – PCR (3×24 hours). Mean while, you don’t need to have that test if you have been done a booster vaccination.

In Indonesia, this requirement is also applied on other methods of transportation such as train. This rule is quite positive and make people are easier to travel everywhere.

Flights to Bali and It’s Best Time

Many of you maybe agree that there are several best times to travel to this island. It is based on some reasons such as weather, budget, discount, and so on.

For your information, February is the cheapest month if you want to visit Bali. It is because the accommodation is cheaper and also quieter. Flights to Bali can be based on those things.

How come? It is because February is a rainy season where tourists may prefer to not come in that month. Usually, they want the dry season to enjoy Bali more and do many outdoor activities.

Besides February, January and October have the same characteristic too. January is the most. Rainfall. Usually, you will not find crowds in those months.

Tips on Getting the Cheap Flights to Bali Ticket

As previously explained, Bali is indeed one of the interesting places for vacations and to do business activities. For those of you who want to go there, there are several transportation options that are available.

Plane is a favorite transportation for many people who want to get to Bali quickly. For those of you who want to go to that Island, finding the affordable flight tickets will be the priority.

Get a cheap ticket and have a comfortable vacation are people’s priority. That’s why you must know the tips for buying the affordable flights to Bali ticket:

  1. Decide Your Schedule

The first tip you can use is to determine the time of your trip on vacation. There are many peak seasons that make airfares soar, such as school holidays or the end of the year.

For this reason, try to make your trip to the off season period or not long after the holiday season has ended. On that day, usually the price of air tickets is normal.

  1. Choose the right order time

You should also pay attention to the time of booking. For those who want to get plane tickets at a low price, then 11 pm is the right time to hunt for this item.

This is none other than because it is rare for people to look for flights to Bali ticket at the hour above. In these hours there are also many airlines that offer a lot of attractive promotions and bonuses.

That’s why you should wake up in the middle of the night to hunt for cheap one. You can save your Money more by doing that trick.

  1. Book before your arrival

Booking or buying the tickets several days before your arrival is better. You can get the cheaper price. If it is needed, you may buy it three months before your vacation.

Don’t forget to do a comparison of price by using an application. Nowadays, there are plenty of sites and applications which can do this function.

You can choose the cheapest flights to Bali ticket to save your budget. Don’t forget to read all details of the tickets and ask everything to the customer service.

  1. Subscribe the newsletter

It cannot be denied that several airlines will share their promotion in the newsletter. That is why; to know and apply that promotion, you can subscribe their newsletter.

Besides getting a cheaper price, you may also receive some other interesting offers. Sometimes it is also good to find the ticket from online travel agency.

You can do the whole processes at home. Comparing many prices is also more easier because everything can be checked through your phone.

Arranging the comfortable journey before visiting Bali is important. That is why; it is hoped that the flights to Bali information above can help you to prepare everything.