Lombok Surfing Best Spot and Guide to Get Best Experience

Located in a beautiful water area, Lombok Surfing is also one that must be on the list of activities for people who take time to Indonesia. If Bali is familiar and is very commonly visited, you may be able to go to the area referred to as Bali’s sister.

Bali has become a crowded area, and it’s time for you to find the least crowded surf map. One area that you should pin the island to is Lombok because it can still maintain its authentic charm and raw beauty. After all, there is no mass tourism yet.

The lack of visitors to this area is not because it is not good. We can say that Lombok is an area on the same tier as Bali. More tourist facilities have also begun to be developed, and helpful accommodations and other activities are now available.

And if you have a hobby to do surfing, this area will not make you regret it either. We ensure that gradually, people will become increasingly aware of how pretty and diversified Lombok is and will be left as a hidden gem for surfing for the time being.

How to Get the Best Experience in Lombok Surfing

As your goal in visiting Lombok is to surf, you should know the best guide first. The aim is to guarantee that your experience in Lombok will be the same as most people who visit it because this is the real hidden gem of surfing.

Especially if this is your first time hearing about Lombok, spending your holiday here by carrying out these activities is not something difficult. The key is to know the guide to Lombok surfing according to what we explain below, among others:

  1. Know the Best Season

Everyone who wants to come to Indonesia should know that Indonesia is a tropical climate area, just like Lombok. This is drier than Bali, with the same two distinct seasons: the dry season from April to September and the wet season from October to March.

These two seasons are still great for those of you who are going to surf. The waves are the best, but it’s usually less crowded in the dry season. While in the wet season, the swells are smaller but much cleaner.

  1. Know How to Budget It

Budgeting is also one of the most important things to discuss when you do Lombok surfing. Usually, budget needs in Lombok are much cheaper when compared to Bali. Mainly this is because there are not many visitors.

  1. Knowing the Accommodation

Accommodation in Lombok must also be prepared, especially when you visit during peak season. It may be less than Bali, but the facilities are not inferior. There are many options for accommodation that can ultimately be adjusted to your budget.

  1. Know the Transportation

Lombok is still an area that has not received much modern transportation. Most people who hop on this island use motorcycles. So, for surfing purposes, you should first book the rental car for convenience.

  1. Get the Best Food and Drinks

Having come to Lombok, you should also try the fantastic food there. GO there, not only about Lombok Surfing but also enjoy their trademark. In Lombok, you can try Taliwang Chicken, Kelaq Sebie, Sate Rembiga, and also Nasi Campur Lombok.

  1. Know the Best Tips

It would help if you didn’t regret paying a fortune to visit Lombok. Therefore, we provide tips that will be very useful when getting there. So, those who will visit Lombok for Lombok surfing better know these tips first:

  • Hauling surfboards on Scooters is reasonable
  • Provide Indonesian Rupiah cash because it does not accept other currencies
  • To get there, there are not many international flights to Lombok International Airport, but you can go to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport first and continue transit to LBK (25 minutes)
  • They still use Indonesian a lot and try to understand the basic
  • Surfboards are hard to find; you have to prepare first
  • Dress respectfully, especially in rural areas.

Where is the Best Spot in Lombok Surfing?

You know that Lombok is an area close to Bali. So if you have time when visiting Indonesia, take a little time to visit this area. We guarantee you will not regret adding activities to see the Lombok surfing area.

And one of the things that make Lombok enjoyable to be on your visit list is that it has a lovely beach. The beaches in Lombok are a bit different from the ones in Bali, and are more exotic and require a lot of adventure, and here are some examples:

  1. Ex-Inside

The first beach you must visit is Ekas Inside. Located on Jalan Pantai Heaven, Ekas Buana Village, Jeorwaru, this tropical site will make you enjoy. You will love the view from Lombok surfing. Moreover, the available way is suitable for beginners or advanced surfers.

  1. Mawi

Not far from Ekas Inside Beach, you can find a beach with an average wave height of 2.4 meters. This altitude is highly recommended for advanced surfers only. Lombok surfing at Mawi beach is most suitable if visited from May to September.

  1. Mawun Beach

With the beauty of white and clean sand, you can visit Mawun Beach. It’s about a 30-minute ride from Mawi, perfect for beginner surfers. Even because the waves are still at a safe level, this is the best beach and ideal for swimming.

  1. Selong Belanak Beach

Among tourists, the choice to visit Lombok surfing Beach is an option that must be carried out. Selong Belanak beach is located in West Praya, central Lombok. By any chance, you can see the shape of a crescent, and make sure you capture it in a photo.

  1. Gerupuk

These are small bays, but Gerupuk has five great spots for surfing. This area is known as a fishing village, but it is suitable for all kinds of surfers. The best part about this surf spot is that it is located on Jl. Coastal tourism, strategic area.

  1. Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is the next surfing spot in Lombok, and it is one of the best pristine beaches. The crowds are indeed quite a lot more than at other beaches. But this is a lovely bay with waves recommended for all beginner surfers.

Indonesia is known as an area that is indeed rich in beaches that can be visited. With so many choices, sometimes people don’t know which one to see first. When it comes to Lombok surfing, you can choose the one according to your expertise first.