Uluwatu Beach You Can Visit and Activities to do There

Uluwatu Beach is no less beautiful than other beach spots in Bali. You can still do water and natural activities and visit other public attractions. And Bali, commonly known as a paradise, will also spare time for your visit!

So you have the plan to visit the Uluwatu area? Decide in advance how many days you want to be there; a short time may not be enough to get around among these paradises. In general, Uluwatu is located at the southern tip of the island of Bali.

This area is located at the southern end and directly opposite the Indian Ocean. Tourists visit Uluwatu because they want to feel the incredible surf experience, see beautiful beaches, jaw-dropping cliff views, and of course, greenery.

The easiest way to reach the Uluwatu area is by land transportation, and this will be more expensive due to its location at the lower end of Bali. Getting around Uluwatu is also related to the available accommodation, where you can rent a motorbike and ride it yourself.

The Best Uluwatu Beach You Can Visit For Now On

Let’s say now you’ve used a motorbike to get around along Uluwatu. We guarantee that you will immediately feel a peaceful atmosphere. There are many other fun things to do, and with a motorbike, that would be very helpful.

You can quickly move from one beach to another. There is no best time to visit Uluwatu because everything is the same; tropical weather is peaceful. And for the main attractions in Uluwatu, there are some Uluwatu beach that you can see, such as:

  1. Bingin Beach

The first beach we always want to visit when in Uluwatu is Bingin Beach. It is known for its coral reefs and neatly arranged natural rocks. The location is on Jl. Bingin Labuhan Sait Beach, Pecatu Village, and suitable for sunbathing and walking along the beach.

  1. Bleach Beach

If other beaches are known for their clear and calm water, white sand, or even tranquility, Pemutih Beach is famous thanks to its surf spots. High waves and vital water make surfers interested in visiting this Uluwatu beach.

  1. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach, formerly called Labuan Sait Beach, is one of the beaches located between high rock formations. The shore is excellent for any family activity, and the many food stalls provide refreshments in their own right.

  1. Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach may not be a popular name for Uluwatu beach. This beach is still quite hidden and ideal for those who want to take aesthetic photos. Because of the extensive sun exposure here, making sunbathing is also fun.

  1. Thomas Beach

People who have been to Uluwatu are familiar with Thomas Beach. It is a white-sand beach and forest that fringe the coast. You also get special access to transportation, and once there, you can explore the nearby caves.

  1. Tegal Wangi Beach

The next Uluwatu Beach is Tegal Wangi Beach, which is still untouched in the Badung area. Instead of just the beach, the arrangement of rocks and the view from here is arguably the top tier compared to other beaches.

  1. Green Bowl Beach

How about being on a beach surrounded by 30 meters steep limestone cliff? And that is what was presented at Green Bowl Beach. You can relax and watch the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the stone arrangement is arguably the most beautiful natural setting.

  1. Tanjung Benoa

Usually, people visit Tanjung Benoa to do extreme water activities. You can also enjoy its lit nightlife. Tanjung Benoa is also popular thanks to its location close to beaches, temples, clubs, resorts, and beautiful villas on Uluwatu beach.

  1. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is located on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula. Its carved limestone mountains with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Many names also know this beach; historically speaking, it was named after the epic character of Mahabharata, the Five Pandavas.

  1. Balangan Beach

Located close to the exotic island area and about 25 km from Denpasar city, Balangan beach is the one you can choose. Many activities can be done here, but many are just relaxing dips in the water and getting “me” time.

  1. Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach

With a coastline extending up to 1.5 km, this is practically an ideal destination for those who want to find other Uluwatu beach options. Activities that can be done here include surfing, sunbathing, and nature walking, or you can set up tents and camp at night.

  1. Impossible Beach

It is a unique name, namely Impossible Beach. The point maybe is that there’s no way there is anything that can match the beauty of this beach. You will feel blessed after arriving here, despite the many obstacles to reaching this beach.

  1. Melasti Beach

This is easily one of the best Uluwatu beaches we’ve ever seen. The perfect retreat for nature lovers, and everything is lovely. You can visit areas close by from here because there are still many who rent scooters in this area.

Melasti Beach is also known for its white sand and calm waves. You will certainly be amazed if you see this beach in the photo. Moreover, if you visit Uluwatu beach directly, you will immediately feel that this is the top destination that you must visit.

  1. Karma Beach

Kara Beach has located quite a distance from other tourist attractions in Bali, including Uluwatu. A steep height of cliff also covers the beach. Located in Karma Kandara Bali, Ungasan, this is still a great area to add to your visit list.

  1. Gunung Payung Beach

This Uluwatu Beach is located in a reasonably closed area and also has a unique Hindu Temple. You have to walk a long stairway to get to this beach. Arriving here, you will also find the big sea cave, an exciting tourist attraction.

  1. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland beach is here for you who want a place full of tranquility. Dreamland will also present a vibe like that for those who wish to me time. You will have no trouble accessing Dreamland beach because the location is quite strategic from other tourist attractions.

Uluwatu is the best place for you to experience a holiday atmosphere that will never be forgotten. It is a top spot for charming outdoor and water activities. Some Uluwatu beach even has facilities that are superior to other beach spots.